Evie’s Cat Update

I was secretly excited to see that Evie had moved Snowball into a prominent place in her bedroom. “But why is she facing towards the books instead of out into the room?” I asked.

“Because I’m embarrassed about the face”, she responded.



Now, nobody wants to hear that someone is actually embarrassed by their handiwork, but I was certainly glad she told me. I knew she was unhappy with the face, but I think it was about the best I could do at my skill level, and I actually thought it looked kind of nice with those happy, anime-style eyes.

In any case, I made the cat for her, and it would be foolish to ignore her opinions on the matter. So I ended up taking out the eyes and mouth. Evie decided to keep the little pink dot on the tip of the nose.

She says she likes it better with no face, but I haven’t seen it turn up anywhere since then. Luckily, that’s about what I expected, so it wasn’t too disappointing.

Evie’s Cat

Last Christmas, Evie decided that the only thing she really wanted was a little white kitten. Well, I have one cat, thank you very much, and I don’t. need. another. Instead we compromised: I gave Evie yarn and she helped me pick out a cat pattern.


This is definitely the most complicated pattern I’ve ever tried. I’d start hyperventilating just looking at it. However, if I just focused on doing the next thing, one thing at a time, it actually wasn’t so bad. In fact, I think overall it gave me a lot less trouble then the hat I made for my brother.



Evie named her cat Snowball and loved her intensely for at least 24 hours. In other words, she lasted about as long as Ollie’s monster Floob.

Evie, being Evie, is not completely satisfied with some of the imperfections. She’s not very keen on the face. As I told her, perhaps a bit too archly, “If you want a perfect cat, buy one from the store. But if you want one that’s made by your daddy with love, you can have this one.”