So I’ve been really busy lately, and I haven’t had a chance to post about it yet, but our offer was accepted for the house!!!  Perhaps we offered to little because they accepted all of our terms!  But really we’re very happy because we offered $7,000 less than the asking price in addition to the $5,000 closing cost credit they were offering.  Also, we got them to run a 220 volt line for our electric dryer and give us an $800 credit for using our washer and dryer rather than having them buy one.  Since ours are pretty much brand new, we are very happy with that.  Our realtor didn’t really want us to try to get both the credit and the lower price because he didn’t think they’d accept, but we sort of overrode him and look how it came out!

You can see some pictures of the place on your snapfish account.

One of the reasons we were so busy was that this weekend we went to a 1st birthday party followed immediately by a 50th birthday party! Opposite ends of the spectrum there.

On a completely unrelated note, as an addendum to my post about coyotes at our new place, here is an article about airplanes being unable to land at O’Hare due to coyotes on the runway! 



So we put the offer on the condo in on Saturday.  Here it is Tuesday night and we still don’t know!!  From everybody that I’ve talked to, they said it usually only takes a couple of hours until you hear back!  I’ll give the the benefit of the doubt over the weekend since they probably weren’t in the office, but they promised on Monday that we would know by today.  And to top it off, the seller’s lawyer/realtor is sort of rude.

In the meantime, you can occupy yourself with this submarine game.  You have to time your depth charges so they hit the subs and avoid their torpedo things.  My high score is 13,800 on level 12.

Endangered Ugly Things is another good time waster.  Basically it is a blog about all the endangered species that are too ugly to be the front-men for conservation efforts.  Take, for example, the long nosed Saiga Antelope:

Not exactly pulling in the big donations!

Life as a House

So I think we found “the place” as far as our condo search is concerned.  Very exciting!!!  I think we’re going to put an offer down, so I guess we’ll see what happens.

In the meantime, if you’re looking for a condo/house in the greater Chicagoland area (and I know that neither of you who read this are), you should check out Chi-town Living.  It’s very good general information about realty and the housing situation in general, as well as useful links.  It may be of interested to anybody searching for a house.  Anyway, mad props Chi-town Living!

Haven’t posted in awhile

Last night our freezer/refrigerator decided to stop working for unknown reasons.  I never had one with an ice maker in it before, but if you have one and the freezer stops working, all of that ice melts and makes you a lake in your kitchen!  And so do frozen strawberries, except their lake is decidedly more sticky.

Awful snow storm today.  Work was closed but I didn’t know until I was already there, so I ended up working all day.  Needless to say, this wasn’t the best day ever.

Last weekend we went house hunting!  How exciting is that?  We looked at 8 condos but there are only 2 possibilities of the bunch.  We’ll probably have at least one more blitzkrieg of looking at places before we make any decisions.

Here is an interesting page debunking science myths (like the great wall of China is the only man made structure visible from space).  Many of these I believed!  I feel so duped.

You should check out this awesomeness both for the technical stop action lightbrite skills and also for the great song about the dangers of robots (mainly, that if they win, we’ll have to listen to techno music)