Weekend Update

First off, I’m reposting the search box now that my last one has moved off the page:


Hopefully I won’t have to do that forever.  Yet another LJ annoyance!

Okay, so now to what has actually been going on in our lives lately!

Two weekends ago we went to Purdue for the Alpha Phi Omega 75th anniversary.  We had a good time, it was a good weekend.  Unfortunately not many people turned up from our “era.”  Most of the people who came were recent graduates or from a really long time ago.  I was hoping to see some of the people I was friends with while I was there.  The weather was a little crappy…okay it was a lot crappy!  So we didn’t go around Bug Bowl very much.  We did a couple of service projects and went to a dedication ceremony for Professor Teaford.  That was one of my favorite parts, it was really good to see him again.  I would have trouble believing there could be any individual that could be more devoted to an organization or be a better adviser, not to mention the most entertaining professor that could possibly exist.  The highlight of the weekend was the banquet at the renovated stadium.  Some of the highlights included a past national president speaking, a presentation about our chapter (Alpha Gamma) through the decades including research on some of our traditions and how they started, and a short speech by a guy who pledged in the ’40s and talked about keeping the chapter alive through WWII.  So anyway, it was a good time and too bad for all you guys who didn’t show up because you missed out!

During the week after that I was supposed to go to a conference in Detroit, but that fell through.  So Sara had invited her sister to come and stay here in the meantime.  It was a pretty low key visit, we didn’t really do much.  It was nice to have her here, but unfortunately she got sick towards the end.  That weekend we visited a friend of Sara’s from grad school who recently moved to Chicago.  The highlight of that trip was playing with the parachute!  Remember like when you were in grade school and you played with the parachute?  Well, they have one to play with their son and it was good time. 

We also spent money like it was going out of style!  Behr paint was on sale, so we spent $400 on paint and paint supplies!  On Sunday we went to a store to look at chairs and we ended up buying a chair AND a crib!  We had been looking for a crib for a long time and hadn’t found anything, so we just stumbled onto the perfect one.  For the chair, we were looking for a rocker/glider for the baby’s room, but we ended up buying a little more substantial one that we can use in the living room one day.

Sunday night my mom and brother showed up.  Nathan was just there to borrow the car to continue on to WI for job interviews.  Mom got her passport fixed on Monday (after many trials and tribulations) and then left for Japan on Tuesday!  She’s there now.  Unfortunately I had to wake up at 5 a.m. to take her!

So this weekend, we had the final walk-through on the condo today.  There was nothing really to report about that, it went pretty smoothly.  Tuesday is the big day!  After that we will be a couple of homeowners.  Today I watched the NFL draft for about 8 hours and tomorrow we will go visit Dabu and play games.

Aaaaaand I think that actually brings us up to the present!  I expect that updates are going to start being few and far between since we are going to be this busy for the foreseeable future.


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