Quote Monday has plans for tomorrow

Alex: “Remember when we came here yesterday and I ate a chocolate chip cookie?”
Evelyn: “I remember that, but it wasn’t yesterday.”
Alex: “Tomorrow?

Sara: “Are you doing lots of fun stuff?”
Oliver, enthusiastic: “Yeah! They have this thing called ‘Judge Judy’…”

Sara: “I love you sooo much.”
Alex: “I don’t. I’m angry right now.”

Me: “Would you like it in a bun?”
Alex: “Would you, could you in the dark? Would you, could you in the rain?”


Tap Recital 2018

Evelyn and Oliver had their tap recital over the weekend, the second for Evelyn and the first for Oliver. They did great! In fact, as a special surprise, Evelyn received an award from the dance school for “hardest worker”! It was a total surprise for all of us, including Evelyn. (In retrospect, it said her name in the program, but we hadn’t read that far.)

I am so proud of them, especially Oliver because he adamantly does not like to perform and he worked *so hard* on this, especially going into the final week.

So, without further ado:

(In case you just can’t get enough, last year’s video can be found here.)

Quote Monday hits the Grand Shibam

Evelyn, with a sigh: “I was so young back then. I was like 8.”

Alex: “I’m so glad you put a shirt on.”

Ollie: “Dad, we were playing kickball and I had one of those…bam shibams? What do you call it? Where you hit everybody in?”
Me: “…a Grand Slam?”
Ollie: “YES!”

I move to immediately rename “Grand Slam” to “Bam Shibam”.

Quote Monday hears “Laurel”

Alex: “I’m sick.”
Sara: “How are you sick?”
Alex: “I had a hiccup one time…”

::Singing Shape of You::
Evelyn: “🎵Shampoo like a nightmare too!🎵”
Me, laughing: “Did you just say, ‘Shampoo like a nightmare too’??”
Evelyn: “Yeah, what did you hear? Yanny?”

Here we go again…

This can’t be happening to me.


With that awful, awful dress still fresh in my mind, along comes the audio version:

So? Which is it? Yanny or Laurel??

Sara played this clip for me last night and then we sat there looking at each other. Neither of us wanted to say what we heard for fear we wouldn’t agree, and we would once more be plunged into this state of insanity.

“It’s very clear,” I said. “I agree,” said Sara, “but I just know you’re going to be wrong about it again.” “I don’t see how we could disagree, when it’s so clearly saying…

Me: “Yanny.”
Sara: “Laurel.”

Last night I could only hear Yanny but one time I was able to concentrate really hard and hear Laurel. Today, I can only hear Laurel and I can’t get it to go back to Yanny. Evelyn hears Laurel, and Oliver hears Yanny. (Alex says he hears “doody”, so, you know.)


Quote Monday is embarrassing

Alex, seeing dogs in the park: “I must play with them.”

Overheard at a baseball game, from a mother to her daughter: “You’re a woman, you don’t want to live in Texas. Or Saudi Arabia .”

Evelyn: “We missed having coffee with Cops and Veterinarians!”
Sara: “…?”
Sara: “Oh, not that kind of ‘vet’!”

Ollie: “I call you, ‘The Embarrasser’ more than ‘The Daddy’!”

Quote Monday is hungry

Sara: “We’ll give you two little bites of broccoli because you’re two years old.”
Alex: “I’m not right now.”

Ollie, having movie theater popcorn for the first time: “This popcorn really hurts my lips, but I’m addicted to it!”

Evelyn: “Ollie, I’m having butter on my toast. What do you want on yours?”
Alex: “I’ll have avocado on mine!”

Me: “You have a lot of questions today!”
Alex: “Yeah. I have a lot of why’s.”