Quote Monday is a dad-annoyance

<Sara watching school webinar while making dinner>
Alex: “Are they teaching you how to cook better?”

Me: “So you’re excited to go back [to in person dance]?”
Evelyn: “Yeah! I’m the oldest dancer in the class and everybody stares at me!”
Me: “And you enjoy that.”
Evelyn: “It’s the only reason I’m still dancing!”

Me, hugging Alex: “I’m so glad you’re my child.”
Alex, hugging me back: “And I am so glad that mommy is my mommy.”

Ollie: “Can you turn my light back on for a second?”
Me: <turns light on> “One one-thousand!” <turns light off>
Ollie, laughing: “Ugh, Dad, you are so annoying!”
Me: “It is a dad’s duty to make terrible dad jokes.”
Ollie: “That’s not a dad-joke, it’s a dad-annoyance.”
Me: “There is a very fine line between those two.”

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