Here we go again…

This can’t be happening to me.


With that awful, awful dress still fresh in my mind, along comes the audio version:

So? Which is it? Yanny or Laurel??

Sara played this clip for me last night and then we sat there looking at each other. Neither of us wanted to say what we heard for fear we wouldn’t agree, and we would once more be plunged into this state of insanity.

“It’s very clear,” I said. “I agree,” said Sara, “but I just know you’re going to be wrong about it again.” “I don’t see how we could disagree, when it’s so clearly saying…

Me: “Yanny.”
Sara: “Laurel.”

Last night I could only hear Yanny but one time I was able to concentrate really hard and hear Laurel. Today, I can only hear Laurel and I can’t get it to go back to Yanny. Evelyn hears Laurel, and Oliver hears Yanny. (Alex says he hears “doody”, so, you know.)


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