9 Month Comparison Photos


You can see from Ollie’s photo that we actually missed taking his 9 month photo on the 12th, so we had to get it the next day.

You can also see that we had to give him a piece of paper to play with so he wouldn’t crumple the sign, and let me tell you, that was a good idea! This was about the only photo in which Alex wasn’t grabbing for the sign, crumpling the sign, waving the sign around…

He certainly is a mischief maker these days. One of his favorite things to do is to pull himself up to stand at the bookshelf and just pull all the books off one by one. If you clean them up he gets mad, like, “Hey! I just spent a lot of time doing that you know!”

He still crawls like a maniac and is often not happy being held (since, yanno, less mischief that way!). He can walk a bit if you hold his hands and lately he has been letting go of things while standing up. I counted a record of 4 seconds of free standing without holding on to anything.

Won’t be long until we look back at these crawling days as being so easy and relaxed…

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