Quick Hits from the weekend

  1. So Sunday was our anniversary, and Alex helped us celebrate by being awake from 2:30 a.m. until about 5 a.m. Thanks buddy!
  2. It’s weird being married 12 years. I see all these young couples on facebook or wherever doing all this sweet stuff for each other and I’m just like, “Whatever.”
  3. We did the neighborhood 4th of July parade this year, since we’re never in town for the 4th. It was actually a lot of fun! The kids got to decorate their bikes and we walked in the parade. I was surprised 1) by how long the route was, and 2) how many people were actually watching! Fun to see all the people you know from school, and see the various floats like, the local grocery store! The local elementary school! The other elementary school!
  4. Since we were going to be in a parade and all, you can see that we all wore our red white and blue outfits.
    IMG_0291…oh yeah, except Sara who chose to honor our fallen heros apparently?
  5. After the parade there is a big celebration in the park, with performances (including a magic show!). However, the absolute best part was when a sheep got away from the petting zoo and started tearing through the crowd. The handlers tried to catch it, but they just couldn’t cover enough ground to reign it in. Until suddenly A RANDOM COWBOY CAME OUT OF NOWHERE AND LASSOED IT! I mean, this guy had chaps on and everything, but even still; when you live in the middle of Chicago you probably don’t get a lot of lassoing opportunities. That had to be like the best day of his life.

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