As the time came around for this year’s baconfest, we were really struggling to find a weekend to make it work. As much fun as eating a metric ton of bacon is, it actually does take a lot of preparation work: designing the shirts, buying the bacon, doing all the cooking, etc. With a newborn, the whole thing seemed like too much.

On the other hand, I WILL NOT LET THE TRADITION DIE, even if it kills me (and, since we’re talking about eating pounds and pounds of bacon, let’s be clear: it will kill me).

So we did a baby baconfest. Baconfest lite. No taste test, no orgy of bacon recipes, just one meal (prepared by Nate and Amanda), a little bacon with breakfast, and (naturally) some bacon soda.


“Y’all get yer fixins!”

Alex says, “What the crap is this nonsense? Is this seriously the family I was born into??”


Some of us didn’t think it was all that bad (Sara said it tasted like grape soda). I mean, I wouldn’t want to drink a whole bottle of the stuff, but, you know. I took more than one drink (for science!)


On the other hand, most people’s reaction to the smoky flavor of the bacon soda can best be summed up as:


I was also the proud recipient of an “I Heart Bacon” wall calendar, which is now at work.


Sorry I don’t have more posts this year, but the best I could handle was to keep the chain of baconfests unbroken (six down, one hundred more to go).

(Not for nothing, I did wear my “high five if you like bacon” shirt from last year and did get two high fives from strangers!)

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