“Never” to appear in The Sockdolager

I am very please to announce that my story “Never” is set to appear at The Sockdolager.

What exactly is a “sockdolager” you muse, and then immediately feel foolish for speaking aloud to an empty room. Ah ha, but that’s where you’re wrong: the microphone in your computer secretly transmits all sound back to me, here in “Is This Thing On” headquarters.

A “sockdolager” is a forceful blow, or an exceptional thing or person.

The Sockdolager is a very small publisher.

We publish genre fiction that’s quite good & mostly short. You can read some, if you like.

And then they have an old timey picture of a fine lady about to wipe the pencil moustache off of a gentleman with her serious krav maga skills….so, my kind of place.

(Seriously, left yourself wide open to the ol’ knee-in-the-junk follow through there, dude)

More details as they become available; tentatively look for the spring issue.

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