Secret North Pole Lock Cracking Methods Revealed!

Okay, so based on the reaction to yesterday’s post, ya’ll are apparently too busy to do your own Internet sleuthing and figure out how to crack a lock (even though it probably would have taken you about as long as it took to write comments to me about it!)

I don’t know if this works for every lock, or only the specific lock I had. But it’s easy enough to try, so you might as well give it a go. Note that this is specifically for the kind of lock pictured below, with 4 dials for the digits of the combination:

Okay, so, are you ready? It’s so simple.

Pull on the shackle of the lock as if you were trying to tug it open, and hold it that way. Try to turn the first dial. You will notice that it won’t be able to move very much as long as you hold the pressure on the shackle.

Now release the pressure on the shackle and flip to the next number. Again pull on the shackle tight and try to move the digit. Again, it shouldn’t move much. Keep doing this until you have tried every number on the first dial. You will notice one of the numbers moves noticeably more than the others…this is the first digit of the combination.

It is seriously that easy.

Continue until you have all 4 digits of the combination. This will be a maximum of 40 possible combinations (10 tries on each of 4 dials), rather than the full 10,000 combinations it would take to brute force it.

(If you have a traditional dial combination, like the one pictured below, fear not! Try the method found here instead.)

I sort of feel a little bad about putting this info out there because, short of this one VERY SPECIFIC CASE, I feel like the less people who know how to pop open locks, the better. But it really is as easy as googling “how to pick a lock”, so I guess if you can’t do that, you probably can’t find this post either.

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