Quote Monday learns about elephant reproduction


::Discussing Horton Hatches the Egg::
Rachael: “Do elephants really have to sit on their eggs that long? Wait, elephants don’t have eggs, do they…”

Evie: “Do you want the Bears to win or the Chargers?”
Me: “I never want the Bears to win.”
Evie: “But daddy, if the Bears are in the playoffs, the Packers are a much better team! They’ll go boom boom boom, hit them in the face, hit them in the butt, and they’ll go home and cry in their beds.”

Sara: “I got you a raincoat for Christmas.”
Sara: “…that I then took from you.”
Me: “You got YOURSELF a raincoat for Christmas.”
Sara: “Oh no, I’m giving it back to you for Christmas. Gently used.”

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