Evelyn and the Wonder Project

In Evelyn’s class, every few weeks they do a “wonder project”, which allows the kids to select any topic in the world they want to learn about, and then put together some kind of presentation on that topic. Evelyn’s first wonder project was on “deer”, her favorite animal.

But Evelyn is Evelyn, which is often something teachers don’t account for. Not content to do a project on a historical figure or chemistry or whatever, Evelyn selected her teacher as the subject of her next wonder project.

She wanted to surprise her teacher, but after a few weeks of working in secret and refusing to tell her teacher what her topic was, she was finally forced to fess up. Her teacher offered to allow Evelyn to interview her, but Evelyn declined. I’m sure she had to be dying of curiosity, wondering what in the world this presentation was going to be.

Secretly, Evelyn interviewed other teachers at school, one of which was able to give Evelyn her teacher’s husband’s email. From there, she was able to get some additional research as well as her teacher’s mother’s email. She probably would have kept digging, except the deadline for the project was coming up.

She put all of the information she had gathered together onto a poster board, and presented to the class.

This is the picture of a proud girl:


The rows across the top are “interesting facts” about her teacher. The blue column on the left is “not-so-interesting facts” about her teacher. 🙂

This is Evelyn in a nutshell. There is nothing that girl enjoys more than incredibly elaborate secret projects (the Christmas projects she has been working on all year are starting to filter upstairs under the Christmas tree…god only knows what’s in those boxes).

I have a feeling there were a few discussions around the teachers’ lounge about this one.

2 thoughts on “Evelyn and the Wonder Project

  1. Evelyn did a fantastic job on this project! Her teacher (me) loved it and definitely told everyone in the teacher lounge this too cute story. Please, never, ever tell Evelyn, but, I was the one responding to her emails as my husband and mom. They both asked me to because they weren’t sure if this strange little girl that was asking for such personal information (i.e. the name of my high school) was really an identity thief/stalker or not. But, as an elementary school teacher, I too, have to be an actress (like Evelyn) and know how to put on a surprise face. I was very “surprised” when she presented this project in front of the class. I will never forget how excited she was that day. From, Mrs. Marinho – “the coolest person in the world, besides, of course, me” – (Evelyn’s direct quote)


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