My Famous Daughter

Evelyn’s play opened over the weekend, and it’s going smashingly. After the performance on Sunday, we went out to eat at a nearby restaurant.

As we were waiting for our food, Anna noticed a boy walking by our table, eyes bugging out of his head. Afterwards he got his mom and the two of them pretended to have some reason to walk across the restaurant, so he could show her Evelyn. Finally he got his courage up and came over to the table.

“Are you in a play?” he asked. “Yes,” said Evelyn. “We just saw you! We watched the play!” said the boy.

It was very sweet, and Evelyn was very gracious. If she were glowing any harder, Chicago could have shut off the power for the evening and plugged into her instead.

Pretty soon the boy came back with another boy. “He saw the play too,” said the first boy. “You did a good job.”

I think everyone at our table was a little surprised by all of this. Evelyn feels very proud of being in the play, but to be recognized out in public? I mean, it was a true paparazzi moment. She did everything except sign their autographs. “There’s a back door, in case we have to slip out,” said one of our friends.

There was even another actor from the play sitting one table over, but the boys didn’t recognize him. “Poor Claude,” said Evelyn, grinning like she was not even remotely feeling sorry for old Claude.

I have a feeling Evelyn is going to remember this for a long, long time. And if anybody is looking for a good restaurant, I know one where all the actors hang out after the show, in case you want to rub elbows with the stars…

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