Back to School (yesterday)

I know yesterday was the day for posting back to school pictures. “A day late and a dollar short” Halbach, that’s my name.

We did take these pictures yesterday, but we had an out of town visitor last night (hi Dabu!) so I didn’t get a chance to upload these. Two big kids, ready to go!


As usual, Evie is calm, cool, and ready to go.


She was so excited to start school, she could hardly stand it. This year is perhaps a little more serious than last year. Evie told me this morning, “We can’t talk, except at lunch and recess. It’s so hard to just sit there all day! I just have so many things to say!” Now THERE’s a daughter after my own heart.

I looked at last year’s post, where I said about Ollie, “Is it me, or did he age about 5 years this summer?” Well, he did it again. So I guess he’s like 15 now.

Of course, his bike accident scab flaked off this morning, the day AFTER back to school pictures. Oh well.

Here’s to another good year!

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