The King of Cheap Bikes

Sara hit up a couple of yard sales over the weekend and managed to score some major finds. Among them, was a new bicycle for me. The bike costs $370 new; she paid $15 for it.

If you remember, a couple of years back we stumbled upon two bikes in good condition at a Goodwill, meaning I’ve now paid a total of $40 for 3 bikes (not counting kids bikes that I’ve gotten for cheap or free).

Unfortunately, one of those bikes was misappropriated, but at that cost, who cares? (about the bike. The breaking into my house part I did care about a great deal.) The bike I’ve been riding is in bad shape, needing 2 new tires and a new seat. Despite putting air in my tires when I leave the house and again when I get ready to come home, I’m riding on flats the whole time. That makes it a bit tricky to ride (especially given the condition of the roads in my neighborhood!). Since I only paid $10 for it in the first place, even with the repairs, I think it would still be a pretty good deal. Not as good as getting a much better bike for only $15!

All in all, Sara picked up $1000 worth of merchandise for about $135. Is there anything better than good yard sale deals?

It definitely makes me want to go to more yard sales. On the other hand, I understand that mostly they’re not as profitable as this trip was, and it’s very easy to fall into the trap of buying crap you don’t need (but it’s so cheap!!). Totally worth it, though, when you buy something you really need for a pittance and a song. Man that feels good.

It is amazing what people get rid of, and at what price. So happy to give items a new use, and more than happy to pay someone $15 for the privilege. They’re happy, I’m happy.

Now if I could only figure out how to pay only 4% of the price for everything else I want to buy…

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