Kids are creepy part 2: the Shadow Man returns

Remember that completely creepy story Ollie told about The Shadow Man who lives behind his bookcase and creeps into his room at night to throw him onto the floor? That’s pretty creepy, right? Probably the only thing creepier than hearing that story would be if Oliver were to receive a letter in the mail from The Shadow Man.

I don’t know, maybe the letter could say something like:


Now, lucky for me I happen to know someone who likes to plan little sneaky surprises for people, and also happens to be studying the post office at school (and also, that someone forgot and accidentally wrote her name in the return address). So I didn’t exactly need to assemble the Scoobies to solve this mystery. Oliver, on the other hand, turned white as a sheet when the letter was read to him.

“I am coming to get you at night time, so watch out”? Who writes that?? WHO WRITES A LETTER TO SOMEONE FROM THEIR NIGHTMARE MONSTER???

Kids, man. Kids.

(P.S. It’s nice that Shadow Man is so formal in his salutations. If I must be dumped out of bed by a creepy shadow monster, I prefer he be a gentleman.)

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