How to spook out your daughter

After I tucked Evie in bed, I started some laundry and then went upstairs. Some time later, Sara was doing something downstairs.

“Mom?” called Evie in a quavery voice. “The laundry light keeps flickering on and off by itself.”
“I think daddy was doing some laundry, honey.”
“Yeah, but I heard him go upstairs a long time ago, and it keeps doing it.”

Sara looked around.

“I don’t think so, it’s not on now. Just go to bed.”

Apparently when CFL bulbs start to go, they can do that creepy, flickery thing that we’ve grown so used to in horror movies. I’ve had other CFLs just stop working, but the one in the laundry room was blinking like a strobe light. “Thats…really creepy,” Evie had said earlier in the day.

Now, of course I couldn’t be bothered to actually change the lightbulb. We don’t really use it all that often, and you can usually get by with the light from the hallway. Apparently it had gone out while I was doing the laundry, and somehow I didn’t notice that? So I neglected to turn off the switch when I went upstairs.

We didn’t realize it until the next morning, but apparently all night long it would just come on and start flickering for awhile before going off again.

Talk about CREEPY. I can’t blame her for being creeped out on that one!


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