Grant My Powder Be Dry and My Aim Be True

I am very pleased to announce my story, “Grant My Powder Be Dry and My Aim Be True” will appear in an upcoming “SHORTS” anthology from The Novel Fox.

This is both the longest story I’ve sold, and also I think the first straight up fantasy I’ve sold. Magic, gods, sword fights…well, here’s the synopsis:

A man awakens naked in a forest with no memory and no clues to his identity. he displays mysterious powers during a fight with bandits, and the swordswoman Lyse agrees to help him discover who, or what, he is. The answers may be more than they bargained for, when strange warriors capture them for unknown purposes. In time, the two learn that gods sometimes control the world less than they like, and the world is a changing place. Some gods prefer things the way they were.

As always, I will let you know when the book is available for purchase.

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