Even Quote Monday can’t cheer up librarians

Evie had a library $0.60 fine for a late book. She handed the dollar to the librarian, and he made her change, handing it back in a closed fist, palm down. Evie, seeing it coming at her and not pausing to think, gave him a fist bump.

“Oh, no hon, he’s got your change,” I said. Evie, realizing her mistake, flushed to her ears. I could see she was embarrassed, but I could not help laughing. I said to the librarian, “I assume you give a fist bump to anyone who pays off their library fine?”

The friendly-as-usual (read: always grumpy) librarian said completely straight-faced: “No.”

Evie: “Did they have movies when you were a kid?”
::Sara and I laughing::
Me: “Yes.”
Evie: “Where they talkies?”

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