The Yearly Tradition

That’s right folks, it’s applesauce time again.

a boy and his apple

I love our yearly tradition of making applesauce. I love it before and after making the applesauce. During…well, the loving it part lasts for 364 days of the year, so I can’t complain.



Everyone enjoys the apple picking part, at least. There’s usually a tractor ride, finding the different varieties, apple eating, and sometimes some kind of crazy contraption for picking the higher-up apples.

picking apples

I was saying to Sara that, when our kids are graduating from high school, the one consistent set of pictures we will have to display is the kids cranking the strainer every year.

Making Applesauce

Last year, we made 43 quarts and 13 pints of applesauce. The mind boggles. Since we still have some left from last year, we didn’t need to go quite so hog wild this year. We made 14 quarts and about 3 more quarts we will make into apple butter. We’re also going to try and make some apple cider vinegar this year as well.

ApplesauceNothing says fall to me like making applesauce. Here’s to a carrying on traditions!


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