The Internet has literally gotten out of control

You know how literally everybody on the Internet literally misuses the word literally? Well, no worries, this will soon be a thing of the past. Someone has written an app you install directly in your browser so you literally never have to be bothered with this again.

…a free browser plug-in called Literally, which replaces the word “literally” with “figuratively” in all online text. As the website explains, that’s literally all it does.

Of course, the plug-in is not smart enough to differentiate when people actually use literally correctly, but let’s be honest; on the Internet that’s literally never going to happen. So I wouldn’t lose too much sleep over it.

Link via Sara.

(By the way, a quick google turns up lots of news outlets having fun titling their articles, from “Browser Plug-in Figuratively Kills the Word Literally” to “New Browser Plug-in Would Literally Annihilate this Headline“.)

One thought on “The Internet has literally gotten out of control

  1. When I finish a book, one of the things on my “Post writing checklist” is to do a search for the word literally so I can delete it.
    I’m happy to say the last two books have had literally NO instances. Because there is nothing dumber than writing literally in a novel… Because, literally. It’s literal.


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