Turns out I write horror too

I’m very pleased to announce the sale of my story “Lullabies for a Clockwork Child” to the horror podcast Pseudopod.

I’ve been listening to Pseudopod for a long time (I first blogged about them going on 3 years ago), and it simply can’t be beat for horror audiofiction. I actually write a decent amount of horror, but this is the first I’ve sold.

I have a very active imagination (you might say over active) and therefore as a child I suffered a deep-seated fear of the dark. I spent most every night of my childhood scared witless, and had all sorts of tricks to “forget” to turn the light off. When I was older I slept with the tv on every night so as not to be alone in the dark. (I should say it was rather being NOT alone in the dark that bothered me, but I digress…)

Naturally, I was drawn to horror like a moth to a flame, tempting fate a little too often even though I knew it was a terrible idea and I would regret it later. I tried to ignore my natural fascination, but unfortunately my best friend Chris was also a bit of a horror buff and he subjected me to hours and hours (and hours) of horror movies until eventually I sort of inoculated myself against the genre.

At that point I sort of threw in the towel and said, “Why not?” immersing myself in horror movies, novels, and short stories, and burning myself on that particular flame over and over and over again. What can I say? I guess on some level I like to be terrified.

As always, I’ll keep you posted when it goes up, and in the meantime feel free to check out some of the other creepy tales over at Pseudopod.

4 thoughts on “Turns out I write horror too

  1. Congratulations on the sale!
    Even now, in my thirties if I let my imagination loose the dark still freaks me out. I try to focus on whatever I’m doing so I don’t start imagining all the things that could be lurking nearby. I’m tempted to ask some of my other writer friends and see if this affects a lot of writers.


    • I thought that I was past all that, but it turns out I’m just never alone anymore. When the family was gone for a weekend and I was home alone…yeah, totally not past it. 🙂


      • yeah, all it takes is one second, one shadow a tiny bit darker than the others and boom, I’m striding for the light switch ;p


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