Young Authors

Evie and Ollie have been working on a secret project lately. Ollie dictates a story to Evie, who writes it down. This is something they came up with on their own, and nothing is more adorable then the two of them working on their book! This was all 100% no help from adults (including some very creative spelling). And it’s finally finished. I give you:



“Once upon a time, and it started to rock, and it started to pop. It started to go up in the air. It was a…


…alligator boost. Actually, it was a boat. A pig. And the pig jumped over a rainbow. The rainbow jumped over the pig. When the pig jumped over the rainbow, it touched the rainbow and the rainbow said, “Ow!” The…


…rainbow decided to go back home. AND THEN the pig started to go back home. The alligator started to go back home. And then they[were] eating, so now it was night time. They were sleeping and then they woke up. And then they ate their breakfast. And then they ate…


…supper. The trains started going on the train tracks. They jumped on the trains and then a spooky ghost jumped out at them. Boooooooooo. When they were riding on the car, they…

2014_03_28_9999_5…started to see what the farmers were doing. And then! Everything started to go back to the farm, then they started to eat the vegetables. The End.”

2 thoughts on “Young Authors

  1. I like going to the furm and eating my vegobols too! Smart kids – and great authors :-). Maybe they will do a blog someday! Jane


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