The Benefits of Egomania

A birthday usually seems to require a “year in reflection” type blog post, or maybe that’s just me since my birthday falls right at the tail end of the “2013 in retrospect!” Internet season. The thing is, I kind of hate writing posts like that because I never have anything to say. It’s always, “Yay, life is going great!” which is not particularly interesting to read about, much less read it over and over again.

It begs the question though; is my life really going so well, or am I just so egomaniacal that I always think everything I have is the best? I have a strong suspicion it’s the latter.

Everyone is somewhat egomaniacal, but I think I’m probably worse than most. I think you have to have a pretty big ego in order to be a writer. You kind of have to have the mindset of, “What I write is inherently interesting and people want to read it.” It’s even worse for a blogger, since by definition this is the place for trivial musings. It’s egomaniacal to think anybody wants to hear what I have to say. (Wait a minute, I’m doing it right now!)

So yes, I’ve got a case of egomania. But you know what? It’s not so bad. I never have to second guess any of my decisions, don’t have to worry about self-esteem or depression problems, and I’m so interesting to talk to at parties that it’s perfectly alright for me to go on and on and never give anybody else a chance to talk. Yes sir, it’s pretty awesome being me.

Egomania lets you make lemonade out of lemons. Egomania lets you ignore unsightly blemishes. People build entire careers (nay, empires!) out of egomania.

Forget about year-end retrospectives. Who cares how old I am? On my birthday, let’s just all focus in and remember what’s important: me. After all, what are birthdays for?

Humbly yours,
-The Management

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