Reasons My Kid is Crying

Sara pointed me to this pretty fantastic article, which is really a “best of” from the website “Reasons my Son is Crying“.

Basically, kids will cry about anything. I mean anything. Anything from “someone else was walking on the sidewalk” to “I wouldn’t let her wipe my butt“. And the only thing better than not having to be the one to deal with the kid when he’s crying, is turning him into a cruel Internet meme.

Kids crying over something dumb happens so many times per day (per HOUR) that it’s hardly even worth remarking on. If you are a parent, you know this to be true. So most of the time you don’t stop to think about how truly ridiculous the whole thing is, not to mention the fact that most of us aren’t cruel enough to grab a camera a take a picture of them in their moment of misery (much less post it on the Internet).

Oh wait, yes I am. I give you the Reason My Daughter is Crying #1:

Couldn't play with fire

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