Halloween, 2013



Evie’s pumpkin’s teeth are very appropriate, given that gap in her bottom teeth.



Here we have one very adorable little kitty cat…

2013_10_26_9999_9…and here we have one very pious angel

Those wings were no joke! All that tin foil was a lot harder to deal with than I thought it would be. Considering they had to make it through 2 Halloween parties, a day of school, and trick or treating, I’d say they held up pretty well (if I do say so myself!)

You know, costumes are so cheap these days, that it’s almost never cost effective to make your own (to say nothing of time-effective). It sure is hard to compete with a lot of the really amazing costumes you can buy online these days (waaay cooler than anything we had as a kid). But my heart is definitely going to break on the inevitable day when the kids beg me for a store-bought costume over the homemade one.


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