Just like her mama

Sara has a strange weakness for magazines. They are her kryptonite: for some reason she just cannot get rid of them. She pages through each one, carefully folding the corners down on the pages she wants to “save for later”, and then sets the magazine aside, never to be opened again.

Even when I find them 3 years later and point out that this stack of magazines hasn’t been looked at for 3 years, some kind of hoarders instinct kicks in, and we still have to keep them. The compromise is that Sara went through all the old magazines and ripped out the pages with folded over corners, reducing the volume of paper we are required to save by about 99%. Unfortunately though, the chance of anyone ever looking at them again is still 0%.

Imagine my horror when I discovered Evie paging through spare magazines and folding down corners. Could this actually be genetic? How am I going to live in a house with TWO people saving magazines? However, it was fascinating going through them all after she went to bed. She folded down so many pages, and it was just so interesting to see what she thought was worth saving in the magazine. Seriously, psychologists should do this as some kind of personality study.

Evie’s selections were decidedly bizarre, such as this picture of a cat holding its privates, folded over at least twice in two different magazines:


In general, Evie’s selections tended towards pre-packaged junk food with dozens of those pages folder over, such as Keebler cookies:


She did select some clothing though, such as this black leather shirt:


But there was at least one selection to make her daddy’s heart proud…a pound of uncooked bacon:


One thought on “Just like her mama

  1. I have the hardest time throwing away magazines too! I always plan to use them to make collages, but I don’t tend to have the time to make collages…


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