“The Double Belly Fluffle” – A Documentary in Three Parts

A couple of years ago, a new sport took the world by storm. That sport was pillow juggling.

Athletes from around the United States competed in fierce competition to determine who would be the ultimate pillow juggling champion. But to understand the the true appeal of the sport, you have to go back to its roots as a performance art in the streets. Of course, every artist needs his tools. The most important part of the competition is the pillow itself.

Let’s go to the video. Here, some dedicated pillow artists discuss the craft:

After a quick warm-up, the competition starts to heat up:

Finally, the advanced moves start to show up:

Across the country, in houses, in the streets, and soon in arenas, pillow juggling is coming to you. When this becomes an Olympic sport, just remember that you saw it here first folks.

Get your pillows and start practicing.

2 thoughts on ““The Double Belly Fluffle” – A Documentary in Three Parts

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