I almost forgot about Valentine’s Day!

Valentine’s day was more than two weeks ago, and I never got around to posting about it. On a normal year, there probably wouldn’t really be anything to post about, since Valentine’s day isn’t much of a holiday around these parts. However, this time around there was a party!

Valentine’s day fell on a Thursday this year, and Evie wasn’t going to be at school that day. She was a little disappointed about that, since they had been decorating hearts and planning for a big celebration at school, so Sara got the idea to invite a few friends over for a big party.

The morning began with a special proposal. Sara got down on one knee and proposed to her two special Valentines with some homemade, felted Valentine rings:


The kids didn’t know that we had been furiously decorating the night before after they were in bed, so they were quite surprised to see all the decorations the next day (even though they had helped make some of the decorations).



I think all of the other attendees were also a bit surprised at the amount of decorations, but I think it made it more fun that we took it seriously (perhaps a little *too* seriously?)

In any case, there were cookies to decorate, and Valentines to pass out, and everybody had a good time. At least so I heard, since I was actually at work during the festivities. To be honest, I think Sara actually had more fun than the kids, putting it all together. Perhaps we’ll do it again next year?



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