“Downsizing Pluto” now live at Daily Science Fiction

Downsizing Pluto” is now available at Daily Science Fiction.

From my story notes:

I was having a discussion with my sister-in-law Anna about the removal of Pluto as a planet, and she wondered, “What will happen to the Roman god Pluto, now that his planet isn’t a planet anymore?” Call me old fashioned, but I believe that all physical phenomenon in our world can be explained by the antics of powerful supernatural beings. Logically, it was the other way around: the god wasn’t hurt by the downgrade of the planet, the god was downgraded, and the planet followed suit. Or at least that was a more reasonable explanation than a couple of scientists got together and decided that something we all agreed was a planet wasn’t a planet anymore.

Go forth to read and rate (click 1 – 7 “Rocket Dragons” down at the bottom of the story). If you want to comment you’ll have to come back here, since there isn’t any commenting over there.

2 thoughts on ““Downsizing Pluto” now live at Daily Science Fiction

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