Christmas in Pictures

Very traditional Christmas around these parts. There were Christmas cookies,


and these were some of the fanciest decorated Christmas cookies you’ve ever seen. It was actually fun to do all of the detailed, pinpoint frosting, and everybody’s turned out really nice. Evie actually had some of the best looking ones.


Of course we saw Santa (I knew when he was going to be downtown, thanks to jury duty). Evie asked for Barbies and a Barbie house, and Oliver asked for cake, candy, and mustard.


Evie reprised her role as an angel in the Christmas eve service


and let me tell you, she totally nailed it. No one has ever delivered a line with such force and determination. When her cue came, she was up, out, and ready to go while the other angels were still looking around for their halos. Behold the dedication, and marvel in the perfect form of her arms:

christmas play

Christmas morning went well, and everybody got everything their heart desired. Santa gave Ollie a bunch of kitchen utensils to help with the cooking, and he put them to good use on his “O for Ollie!” cake.


But I know what you’re thinking; did he get his mustard??

2012_12_25_9498Mustard achieved, Christmas successful.

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