Quote Monday is not in the mood

Ollie, pointing to two statues of cardinals: “Look at those angry birds.”

He has a point, though I’ve never thought about it before. But how does he know what Angry Birds is?

Me: “Are you sure you went pee pee? The water’s not yellow.”
Ollie: “It’s a different kind of pee pee.”

::Evie having an attitude problem::
Sara: “Everyday we have the same problem here. I want you to think about it, and tell me what the problem is.”
Evie, snottily: “I know what the problem is! Sometimes I’m in the mood, and sometimes I’m not!”

Sara: “Well, I have some bad news for you. Your surgery is scheduled.”
Evie: “Mama, why did you say that was bad news?? That’s good news!”

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