My wedding ring is once again in my possession

Remember just over a year ago, when I lost my wedding ring? Well, it seems kind of crazy to say, but yesterday my ring was found and returned to me.

The last time I saw my ring, it had fallen off my hand while I was pulling out last year’s tomato plants in the garden. The next day, when I noticed my ring was gone, it occurred to me that perhaps I had lost it in the garden. Specifically, I wondered about the compost pile, since I had been throwing in said tomato plants. So I scoured the entire garden several times (as I did every place I had been) but I never found it.

Yesterday, however, the “keeper of the compost” decided to uproot some of the plants growing in the cinder blocks around the compost bin. He pulled up a plant and uncovered a ring. He quickly defeated an inhuman monster in a riddle contest deep underground, and the rest, as they say, is history.

Just kidding about that last part, what he actually did was have the garden administrators send out a mass email asking if anybody had lost a wedding ring. Sara got to it first and responded immediately with a couple of pointed questions, including the inscription (only visible when heated in a fire of course). It turned out to be my ring (wouldn’t it have been weird if someone else’s wedding ring had been found in the garden?), and since the ring bearer works nearby, Sara had it in her hands a few hours later.

I know there are better stories out there. I mean, its not like I found it in the belly of a fish I caught 20 years later or something. But I had given up all hope of finding my ring so long ago, that this just really came out of the blue and felt like a miracle. I think even the guy who found the ring was surprised at how quickly he was able to find and return it to its rightful owner.

I’m not even sure what I’m going to do with it. Should I re-size it and wear it again, or should I keep it in a safe place and continue to wear my replacement ring? Or should I simply walk into Mordor and throw it in the Crack of Doom?

Decisions, decisions.

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