Five Fridays of Fun – Beautify the Neighborhood

Initially, Evie was distinctly disappointed with our second Friday of Fun.

“It’s clean up time, it’s clean up time.”

Make your neighborhood a more beautiful place. Put on gloves and see if you can fill up the trash bag. Then, come inside and make a stepping stone that we can use to decorate.
Tip from the guy at Michaels: use slightly less water than directed & a hair-dryer can help it set if needed.

Compared to going to the zoo, I guess it was a little disappointing. She was definitely not jazzed about picking up trash. However, once we got going, we still had a lot of fun (even picking up trash!)

One advantage vs. going to the zoo is that we have something tangible to show for this one; a stepping stone. The kids were very excited to “stand on it”, but it had to dry for many days before that was possible.

The other thing tangible that we had was an enormous bag full of trash! We barely made it halfway down the alley before we filled our trash bag. The amount of trash around our house is absolutely astounding! Doesn’t anybody in Chicago put anything in the trash can?

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