A day in the life

This is the email I sent to Sara today about how our day was going. I think it provides you with a little slice of life on a typical Friday:

from:  Shane
to:  Sara
date:  Fri, Aug 17, 2012 at 2:45 PM
subject:  what a day

My oh my.

There’s tons of tie dye stuff left, you can dye to your hearts content tonight. We didn’t do any roving, and there’s that other yarn you had. I’m not so sure about the yarn we did do, so we’ll see how it comes out. I think the 3 main things are going to come out awesome though. Evie really had a good time, Ollie did too but then he got tired of it by the time we were on to socks.

There was an art festival in the park in Oak Park, so we ate lunch and then walked around there. Ollie was getting a little tired, but he had a blast in the toy store. We were there for quite a while. I was a little disappointed in their selection for kids Evie’s age. They specialize in baby toys, and then they had some science kits and stuff for older kids, but not a lot in between. Plus they’re so expensive!! There were a lot of things out of evie’s range, but I thought $25 was pretty good for a toy store! I  guess not. There wasn’t really anything that I would have pushed for her to get. There were some cool things for older kids though.

Anyway, I let Evie give them the coupon and everything and they were like, “Is this for your birthday??” and made a big deal about it. So that was nice. She was really proud and she hugged her thing all the way home. She’s working on it now (it’s like a sleeping beauty book that you put sparkly stickers on…lovely, as you can imagine).

Meanwhile, Oliver took a massive smelly dump in his underwear and I had nothing else to put on him.

The end.

Ah, a beautiful day in the neighborhood!


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