Fort Wayne, a rapper’s delight

Fort Wayne does not have a very good track record lately, being named one of the dumbest, fattest, and most artery clogged, cities in the United States, to say nothing of the infamous “Harry Baals” incident. However, there are some in the city who feel like perhaps they haven’t been portrayed fairly, or at least that being dumb, fat, and unhealthy aren’t all the city has to offer. For instance, there’s also rap.

I am reluctant to admit, it’s not actually that bad. Believe me, I was all set to hate on it.

I don’t know if it made me feel civic pride, per say, but it wasn’t as ridiculous, cheesy, and laughable as most of these things tend to be (I will refer you to “We Built Sioux City“). The music wasn’t even half bad.

My only problem is that I don’t recognize most of the “recognizable” places of Fort Wayne. Maybe I’m not the foremost expert on Fort Wayne, or maybe Fort Wayne just isn’t really that recognizable. I do appreciate the Tin Caps apparel and stadium, the downtown rooftop shots, and Coney Island, but the rest of the neighborhoods in the video just kind of look like neighborhoods. Granted, it has been a long time since I lived in Fort Wayne, but I was expecting something more iconic.

Hmm, what are the iconic places of Fort Wayne though? You have the fort, of course,

 and the Roller Dome,

maybe the zoo? But I guess none of that stuff is going to play very well in a rap video. I still think there are a few things that are maybe a little more urban, but would make a good background.

The “Endless Bread” sign,

Cindy’s Diner,

Or Headwaters Park.

Fort Wayne people, did you like the video? Were the landmarks recognizable to you? What other landmarks did they miss?

Link via Nathan.

5 thoughts on “Fort Wayne, a rapper’s delight

    • Of course you got hungry, you’re from Fort Wayne, one of the fattest cities in America! (I can only say that because you’re like the least fat person I know)


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