Anyone for a meat pie?

Has there ever been a headline as awesome as “Brazil Cannibal Sect Makes Human Empanadas“? Wait a minute, this story sounds a little bit familiar…

Ladies and gentlemen
May I have your attention, please?
Are your nostrils aquiver and tingling as well as that delicate, lushious, ambrosial smell?
yes, they are, I can tell
Well, ladies and gentlemen
that aroma enriching the breeze,
is like something compared to its succulent source
as the gourmets among you will tell you, of course.
Ladies and gentlemen you can’t imagine the rapture in store,
just inside of this door!
There, you’ll sample Mrs.Lovett’s meat pies. Savory and sweet pies, as you’ll see.
You who eat pies, Mrs. Lovetts meat pies, conjure up the treat pies used to be!

God that’s good.

Tip via Sara.


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