Someone’s turning 2…

That would be Oliver.

A couple of weeks ago, I would say I couldn’t believe Oliver was going to be turning two. A lot has happened in the past few weeks. He’s talking more now (8 word sentences are no problem), and more clearly. He’s gotten a few new teeth. He’s wearing big boy underwear (more on that next week). He’s just suddenly a two year old. It’s surprising how quickly it all happened.

Two gives us a lot more freedom: he can do things on his own, like get his shoes (but not put them on…he still has no desire to try to get himself dressed (boo) or undressed (yay)), we can leave the house without as much stuff, and he can travel under his own power occasionally, rather than in the stroller. However, we’ve also been seeing hints of the stubbornness and anger commonly known as the Terrible Twos. He seems a little more easy going than Evie though, so I’m not sure he will be quite as frustrated at being a two year old than she was.

Evie is giving him her old tricycle for this birthday (shhhh, don’t tell him) and she had been busy “polishing” it up in preparation. I think he’s going to be pretty excited.

Happy Birthday big boy!

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