Writing Year 3

This year:

Stories Written: 7
Number of [Submission-Ready] Words: 20,500
Number of Story Submissions: 47
Number of Rejections: 35
Number of Acceptances: 0
Postage Costs: $26.28


Stories Written: 15
Number of [Submission-Ready] Words: 73,300
Number of Story Submissions: 114
Number of Rejections: 102
Number of Acceptances: 0
Postage Costs: $114.19

Just as a housekeeping note, this year I’m adding the running total of money spent on postage (i.e. not counting ink, paper, etc.). You’d think postage wouldn’t be all that much, especially with most everybody switching over to e-submissions these days, but you’ll notice that I’m now over $100. I think it will be an interesting milestone once I pass the break-even point of having made more money than I’ve spent (to put the cart before the horse, so to speak, since I haven’t made a dime yet!)

Speaking of milestones, I just crossed my 100th rejection. Whoo hoo? I’m not at all surprised to have reached 100 rejections before getting any acceptances, and hitting my 100th does feel like progress. Why? Well, I hung in there through all that, first off, and second off because it hasn’t dissuaded me in the slightest. So I must have outlasted some people there, right?

On the positive side, I beat my goal of 4 stories, even if three of my 7 this year were pretty short. Nonetheless, 4 was a goal set based on what I thought I could accomplish, and I beat it. Overall, I wrote a lot more words than last year, even if it was still a lot less words than year 1. I think year 1 was a little more than average, since it was new and exciting, and year 2 was a little less than average, due to Oliver arriving on the scene. This year feels a little more sustainable. I also credit some of the production with Oliver learning to go to bed by himself, leaving my evenings a lot more free.

I’m still considering retiring a few stories. I always think I’m going to, but then I find *one more venue* to send them to. It will probably be sooner rather than later.

I definitely feel like my writing continues to improve. I think I like my stories better overall (although sometimes I go back and read an old story and I think, “Huh, this better than I remember it being!”), but sometimes I feel like they are missing just a little something: that extra oompf that really puts them over the top.

This year I snagged my 2nd honorable mention from Writers of the Future, as well as generally feeling like my rejections have gotten better. I’ve recently gotten a “the quality of writing is excellent”, “the story was interesting and well written”, and even a “nicely written and I enjoyed reading it” from an editor I really admire. In fact, the rejections have really been inspiring me lately.

Sometimes it feels like I am so close!

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