The most important part of potty training: your cat

(Notice the colon in the title there, I’m not talking about potty training your cat)

Sara pointed out that Evie was potty trained by the time she was Oliver’s age. Potty training Oliver started well, then immediately went downhill. Absolutely no luck with that one. It had gotten so bad, we decided to lay off for awhile, to try to avoid putting pressure on him.

One day I remembered a trick that we had used very successfully with Evie: use the cat. Nala likes to “listen” to hear pee pee go in the potty. At first, Oliver was very excited about this. “Nala listen! Nala listen!” he’d say. I thought, “The cat potty trained our children,” and prepared to write this blog post. However, Oliver’s ardeur has since re-cooled (although I did one time get him to go poo poo by having his toy fish listen instead).

Le sigh.

Everybody says that boys harder to train. Is this true? It seems silly to me, and the differences between Evie and Ollie seem to be just regular differences in their personalities, rather than gender differences. Evie was just more interested in the potty. Also, Oliver was using the potty back before we had to quit on cloth diapers, but Evie always had cloth diapers. The theory goes that it is easier to potty train with cloth diapers, because they feel more uncomfortable when they are wet. So maybe that’s the difference. But then again, here we have a boy who is a little behind where the girl was at, so maybe I’m just trying to justify it. I don’t know.

Like I said, we are not putting the full court press on him at the moment, but when we do we will certainly try putting him back in cloth diapers for a little bit. It will be a race to see which happens first: he learns to go on the potty, or his diaper rash / eczema gets so bad that we feel too awful to keep him in cloth diapers. Hopefully the former, rather than the latter.

Anyway, long story short, so far Ollie is a no go on the potty, but if you are potty training you should definitely consider how best to use the family cat to your advantage.

3 thoughts on “The most important part of potty training: your cat

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