I’d say things are going well

Evie has been going to her new school for awhile now. Although she still misses some of her old friends, she seems to be fitting right in at the new place.

After awhile, Sara and I started noticing that whenever we introduced ourselves to parents at school, we would always get the same reaction: “Oh, Evie? Everybody knows Evie!” Not to say that I’m surprised that everybody knows her (can anybody say they’d be surprised about that?), but it seemed to be a curious reaction, especially since there are three classrooms of kids and she hasn’t been there that long.

I don’t run into the parents that often, since Evie only goes twice a week and she goes to aftercare both days. So I am not around during the standard pickup time, only for drop-off. So I don’t really get to see her interact with the parents very much. I asked her about this reaction we kept getting, since all of the parents kept saying that they knew her.

Apparently, when the parents start arriving, she stands at the gate and waits for them. As they come in, she talks to each parent and directs them to where they should go, shepherding them to their kids. She even has some favorites, referring to some of the parents as her “special buddies” that she spends a little extra time talking to.

Me: “But you don’t talk to *all* the parents, right? I mean, if there’s a lot of them, you probably miss some of them.”
Evie: “The gate is only two mommies wide.”

So apparently Evie has designated herself as the school greeter. I have this vision of all of the parents lined up at the gate, waiting to be let in by the hostess two by two and presented to their children. It certainly would explain why everybody knows Evie.

3 thoughts on “I’d say things are going well

  1. I found this very enjoyable. I wonder if years from now she will post about how she thought her dad knew everyone! Or maybe this knowing everyone thing just skips a generation…


    • A few weeks ago, a woman driving a FedEx truck pulled up to us and said, “I have been following you for three blocks, and she hasn’t stopped talking once.” No kidding.


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