There is a new nightly ritual in our house, which I am having trouble putting a name to. I’m not sure how this started exactly, but every night immediately following dinner, Evie and Ollie strip down to the buff and run around the house giggling and singing, “Nu-nu-nu-nu! Nu-nu-nu-nu!”

I’ll spare you the video. (There is video, but I’m reserving that for future blackmail opportunities. Besides, it’s not really suitable for web-sharing.)

The funny thing about it is how serious Oliver takes this activity. If Evie starts stripping down before he’s out of his chair, he really starts to panic. He starts waving his hands, pulling at his straps and shouting, “Nu-nu-nu! Nu-nu-nu!” God forbid he misses out on a single minute. And even in the middle of the day, if you say, “Nu-nu-nu-nu,” he will start running around and/or removing his clothes.

Not that Evie is much better. She’s certainly the instigator of this little ritual, cajoling him to join in in the first place. Also, she’s something of a parade leader, since Oliver usually runs in her wake, or at least in the same general direction that she’s running.

Why is this fun? They are both laughing hysterically the whole time. I don’t think I’m going out on a limb to say they look forward to it for hours before hand. But, other than the naked part, it’s really just running around, which they could do at any time. And why that song specifically? Why any song at all?

We may never know. All we can say is, don’t peek in our kitchen windows after supper. You may be scandalized.

4 thoughts on “Nu-nu-nu-nu

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