My eBay Experience

Recently we have been trying to de-clutter our house as much as possible. Most things we’re saving in a pile to take to the enormous annual family rummage sale. However, there were a few things that seemed a little more valuable than what we were likely to get at the rummage sale.

The first of these things was our Keurig B-30 single cup coffee maker. We liked it (you can read all about it here), but we actually liked it a little too much. The problem is that we turned into degenerate coffee addicts, and we needed something that could make more coffee at a time. We progressed past needing a single cup at a time.

This particular coffee maker retails for $100, and we were also including another adapter that retails for an additional $13.50, so this was a decently expensive setup and we thought we could get some money out of it. We looked around on eBay and saw that most of the similar things were going for about $50, with at least $10 for shipping, so we were assuming we could get at least that, especially if we were including the extra adapter. However, we decided if we got at least $30 for it, we would be happy, so we set the bid at $20 and did the listing.

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Now the first thing I noticed was that everybody and their mother immediately contacted me saying, “Oh hey, you’re getting rid of that? I’ll take it!” Well, if I wanted to give away this expensive device for free, I would have just said, “Who wants this?” instead of paying to list it in eBay! Or at least tried to sell it for $0.50 at the rummage sale. I wanted money folks, I wasn’t in it for the charity!

So we put our listing up on eBay and watched it closely for a few days. Absolutely nothing. A few views and that was it, no bids.

I think part of it was just that nobody likes to bid on an auction that has a lot of time left to go on it. So conceivably the bids would pick up as time went on. The other problem is that we created a totally new account for this, with no eBay history. I think people are distrustful of this, because they think I’m a scammer or something. Now everybody had to start with no history at some point, but I have a feeling that auctions by people with little or no history probably go for less money, due to this suspicion.

So we weren’t getting much action, but I felt like we would eventually. However, our first bid finally came in…from our friend Dabu!

She was the lone bidder at $20 for a few days, until we just decided to sell it to her if she wanted it. She was, after all, the only person who actually put their money where their mouth was.

Me: “If you still want it, we’ll give it to you for $30.”
Dabu: “I’ll give you $40!”

In other words, Dabu is about the worst haggler in the history of the world.

We found a way to take down the listing, so we’re only out the minimal cost of listing it in the first place. So we didn’t exactly have the full eBay experience (we don’t have to ship it or deal with the feedback system, two of the main components), but overall I would say it was fairly positive. It was easy to set up, and seemed to be working okay. I don’t know for sure if we would have gotten any bids if Dabu hadn’t bid on it, but I think we probably would have. However, I think it might not have gone for as much as some of the other ones did.

So overall, generally positive, and we might try selling some more stuff in the future!

4 thoughts on “My eBay Experience

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  2. Hello,

    I just finished reading your post and decided to ad a link to it from my wordpress site at Frog’s Corner. I enjoyed the article and thought others visiting my blog might be interested. Amazing how many people who have yet to try Ebay. Anyways, I will be visiting more often and hope my visitors will as well.
    Best of luck!




  3. Hey, I said “I’ll give you $40 and I’ll come visit you.” Although you said I could have it for $30 and you would personally deliver!


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