Cutting Back

When I first started getting in the game of writing, I was always looking for writing advice. I loved reading author blogs; finding out what their process was and getting a glimpse into the publishing world. So every time I heard about another good author blog, I added it to my RSS feed.

Lately I have removed every last one of them.

There were many reasons for this. The main thing was that I had so many author blogs to read, I never quite found time to write. The problem with authors is that they like to write. Some of these blogs were updated multiple times a day, every day. I was having trouble keeping up. And the vast majority of the updates weren’t related to writing (not that I blame them for that, that would be a little pot-calling-the-kettle-black-ish, considering my own nonsense I spew all over the Internet).

The second problem was that I wasn’t really learning anything new. Most of the blogs just repeat the same advice over and over again. And most of the advice wasn’t really relevant to me (e-books, agents, insider publishing discussion, etc.). It can be debated whether learning about writing is useful or not compared to actually writing, but it is certainly true that NOT learning about writing is a little counter-productive.

So, since the #1 piece of advice that writer blogs offer is to write, write, write, I think they would all be happy with my decision to stop following them. I think that I have a lot more free time already. Now I just have to make sure I spend that time productively, and not just watching t.v.!


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