Accordion Set List

So I haven’t gotten much practice in lately, but I’m developing a list of songs that are on my “must have” list for my accordion repertoire. They are, in no particular order:

They last one was chosen because I wanted to learn something that was sort of New Orleans style (zydeco), and I figured that would fit the bill. It also happens to be my high school fight song.

The first song I learned, and the only song I can play reliably, is Happy Birthday. I know a good chunk of Hava Nagila, but that’s only the keyboard side, I don’t know the bass. I’m also making a little progress on the keyboard part of the Pennsylvania Polka.

I think it would also be nice to learn Funiculi Funicula and Au Champs Elysees, because I’ve heard these played many times on accordion by street buskers, and both have some meaning to me (the first was sort of an inside joke on our Italy trip and the second was from our Paris trip).

So what am I missing? Any critical accordion hits that I must learn? Maybe something by Weird Al? (And yes, I am aware that it is traditional to learn Lady of Spain, but I don’t really know it or have any reason to learn it.)

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