The funny thing about rejections

I mentioned recently a story that received an honorable mention from Writers of the Future. The next venue that I sent it to rejected it, but they had nice things to say about it. One of the best rejections I’ve ever gotten. To those of us who practice rejectomancy, that counts as sort of a half-win.

“This story is sort of generating a lot of attention,” says I, “maybe this is the one!”

However, in searching for my next venue, I noticed something funny.

Usually, Writers of the Future is the first place every new story goes. So I assumed that I had sent this story out twice, with decent results. However, when I looked it up, I discovered that I had actually received 5 (form) rejections on that story before sending it to Writers of the Future. So it just so happens that I had 2 interesting rejections in a row, but the majority of the rejections were typical form rejections.

Some pro markets passed on it without a second glance. Others were very nearly interested. It just goes to show you, it’s all about catching the right editor on the right day.

Either way, if I’m even getting in the ballpark, I’d say that’s a sign of improvement!


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