Quote Monday Eats Oatmeal and Tactical Bacon

Evie: “Grandma is a good person. She never lets the oatmeal boil over.”

I guess I’m never going to live that one down.

Evie had built a big tower out of duplos which then fell over when she turned her attention elsewhere. She said, “I need to teach my blocks better manners!”

Sara: “I don’t even want to see the back of your can of tactical bacon.”

Well, excuse me for planning for the future! I’m sure she’s not going to be complaining about that bacon when we’re traveling the post-apocalyptic wasteland, and we’re able to trade the last bacon on earth for the safety of our children. Or we’re just able to eat some delicious bacon, either way it’s a win for us.

Sara: “We’re going to stay at Grandma Butterfly’s house, but Grandma Butterfly isn’t going to be there.”
Evie: “But who’s going to take care of us?”

Sara: “Your present isn’t going to come in the mail on time, so we won’t have it for your birthday. You’ll have to open it when we get back.”
Evie: “That’s okay, I still like presents.”

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