Self Publishing

One of the constant debates in the publishing world is whether or not to self publish. This has been rehashed ad naseum, so I’m not really going to go over all the issues. I just wanted to weigh in with something that I haven’t really seen anywhere else.

Self publishing? Not for me.

I understand self publishing if you’ve just absolutely got to get your words out there. If the most important thing to you is to get your book out there. As for me? I don’t want to be read, I want to be validated.

You see, I don’t really care if anybody reads my stories. I’m going to write them anyway, even if its only for myself. But what I do want is to be told that my writing is good enough to make the cut.

Of course I think my writing is good enough. Most every writer does (its what keeps you going). But I’m also not the person to judge. And I want to be judged against the hardest possible competition. If my work is rejected, then I could say the judges didn’t know what they were doing and I could go off on my own. But I know that deep down inside that I will never feel validated until I get one of them to admit (even grudgingly) that it’s good writing.

Some people would say, “Self publish, and let the buyers decide!” Okay, go ahead. I’m just saying it’s not for me.


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