The Big Trip, Part I – No Daddies Allowed

Last week Sara and the kids tooled around Michigan while I stayed home for work. Normally when we go to Michigan, we mostly just visit with people. This time they kept pretty busy with all sorts of things going on. So here’s a sampling of some of the stuff they did:

  • Went to see the West Michigan Whitecaps play baseball. Well, that’s what they tried to do at least, but mostly it just rained. Attending the game was Super Why, a character from one of Evie’s favorite shows.

    Unfortunately, Super Why apparently doesn’t come out in the rain. When they finally did see him, Evie was a little frightened. He doesn’t look seven feet tall on tv.

  • Playing at the mall with mommy’s friends
  • Playing with her 2nd cousins, Kurt and Kyle
  • Going with Grandma Lois to a Lois club meeting
  • Celebrating Grandpa’s birthday and Kurt’s birthday
  • Going on a train ride (a real train, not like the ones in Chicago!)
  • Getting a hair cut
  • Riding the tractor at Linda and Juniors
  • Eating pancakes 3 times! (Evie said this was her favorite part of the week)

That was a lot packed into a week! Plus there were other things that I didn’t even mention. Evie also managed to fall out of bed two different nights, so I guess the bed rail on her bed at home is doing its job!

As for Oliver, this was the first big trip away from the house for any length of time, and the first trip to Michigan. I don’t think he really cares much one way or the other. I’d say the biggest thing for him was just spending so much time outside, which he really likes.

Stay tuned for Part II of the Big Trip!

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